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At Orchard Orthodontics we treat people of all ages. We particularly enjoy treating different members of the same family as that shows to us just how life changing orthodontic treatment can be. We also work with referring dentists. Find out what they have to say about working with us.

What our referring dentists have to say

Anita Cryer (BDS)

Orchard Orthodontics is always our first choice for orthodontic referrals. Our patients are seen promptly and are very satisfied with the treatment they receive. And, with my daughter having achieved outstanding results from Dr Sadiq’s treatment, I am happy and proud to recommend Orchard to anyone seeking orthodontic treatment.

Dr Patel (BDS)

The treatment received by both my family and the patients I refer has always been excellent. I highly recommend Dr Sadiq and his team.

Dr Zohabsanei (BDS)

I have always been very satisfied with Dr Sadiq’s treatments. They are a lovely practice which I would recommend. 

Andrew Ross, Cobham (BDS)

Our patients have been delighted with the results, including my son, who I referred to Dr Sadiq. I can thoroughly recommend his services. 

What our families have to say

Suzanne Freestone and her daughters

Suzanne Freestone and her daughters were all treated at Orchard Orthodontics. Her daughters were treated using fixed appliances and Suzanne decided to go ahead with Invisalign treatment

My daughters and I were all treated at Orchard Orthodontics. We were always made to feel like valued patients from the receptionist through to Dr Sadiq. Dr Sadiq clearly takes much pride in his work and we always felt in very safe hands. We were all delighted with the results and cannot recommend Dr Sadiq and his team highly enough.

Mrs C and family

It was a real family affair and we all loved our straight teeth. I was so in awe of my three children’s new ‘smiles’ that Dr Sadiq fitted me for Invisalign – even my best friend never knew I was wearing them, but everyone sees the new confident me. (The only reason I have chosen to stay anonymous is that Invisalign braces are the best kept secret in town!) Thank you so much.

The O’Connors

The O’Connor family were all treated by Dr Sadiq using a variety of braces including ICE clear braces and the American Damon system.

The treatment all of our family received was excellent. From the initial appointment, right through to the end, the team were excellent.

What our individual patients have to say


Absolutely fantastic service. All the staff are so friendly and professional. I felt completely at ease from the first appointment, and best of all, I now have the teeth I’ve always wanted. 


My teeth were terrible before getting the braces; the before and after pictures say it all. I couldn’t be happier; now I smile with pride. The team and service has been fantastic. 


I had lingual braces with Dr Sadiq and his team and am completely satisfied with progress and outcomes! Thanks Dr Sadiq. 


I am tremendously pleased with the result of my treatment. It has helped me in building confidence of a beautiful smile that is priceless! Thank you.


Amazing results! I had such bad teeth that were overlapping and protruding forward. In 12 months Dr Sadiq has made them perfectly straight on a non-extraction treatment. I am so happy with the results. I would recommend anyone to come here for the perfect smile, which is what I now have. Thank you Dr Sadiq.


To the Team,
Dear All,
Many thanks for your work over the last 16 months. I am so delighted with my new look! Many people have commented on how good it looks! Again, thank you!


From Casey’s mum:
Dear Mr Sadiq,
I would just like to say thank you very much for all your hard work and the beautiful smile you have given my daughter. Thanks to you her teeth look absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.


Dear Mr Sadiq,
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the hard work you have put forward for me to have a great smile. I feel fabulous and I appreciate it so much. Many thanks.


Dr Sadiq,
Just wanted to officially show my gratitude for all the wonderful professional work that has gone into creating my new smile. I perhaps never told you how much this has meant to me (possibly because you had your fingers in my mouth most of the time I was with you!!) but it’s true to say that the results have sincerely improved my confidence and changed my life for the better. Rest assured I’ll be recommending you to whoever I can. Best wishes.


Just wanted to thank you and all of your team for making my orthodontic treatment an easy process. Everyone has always been so kind and helpful and I am absolutely ecstatic with the results! Thank you so much for giving me a smile to be proud of and finally show off! Red lippie – here I come!


I never had the best of teeth, in fact I had really bad teeth; they were severely crooked, overlapping and protruding forward.  I was very conscious of my teeth and seldom smiled so as not to reveal them. I yearned to get that smile that I dreamed of and knew I wanted help to achieve this.

So I took the step of visiting a few Orthodontists; each one told me that as the condition of my teeth was severe, I would probably need surgery and the removal of teeth before we could even start with braces.  This was a really big let-down.  I was desperate for straight teeth but the thought of surgery and all it entailed was just too high a price to pay.

I decided to give it one last shot and that’s when I visited DrSadiq at Orchard Orthodontics.

After taking x-rays and thoroughly examining my teeth, DrSadiq told me that oral surgery was not necessary- this was music to my ears.  He advised me of non-invasive alternatives with the most suitable being the Damon fixed brace.  DrSadiq went to great lengths in making me feel at ease by explaining how the braces worked, how long it would take and what would happen during the course of treatment, I’m sure the cold sweats and pale face let on how nervous I was!

 After learning about all the awards DrSadiq had been given in his line of work and seeing the amazing results he had achieved with his patients, I felt he was the right person to fix my smile, so I signed up for treatment. 

Since that day, I have never looked back. In just 12 monthsof wearing the Damon brace I had the smile that I had dreamed of for so many years. In fact, my friends commented on the fact that I couldn’t stop smiling! It boosted my confidence and self esteem to a level I had never expected.Thanks to DrSadiq’s expertise this was all achieved without surgery and even without the need of any extractions!

Shortly after the braces came off I got married.  My wife was so impressed with the results DrSadiq achieved that she went on to have braces too.

I can honestly say That DrSadiq not only changed my smile, but changed my life – I am happier, more confident and most of all – I love smiling.I would highly recommend DrSadiq to anyone who desires that perfect smile.


For as long as I can remember I hated my teeth, as well as them being crooked at the bottom I had one tooth in particular at the top that sat back from the rest. 

When I was 14 my dentist gave me a brace to try to correct the tooth but it was removable and uncomfortable so I just didn’t bother to wear it - I spent many years regretting that! 

Because of my teeth, I hated to smile and would never do so, resulting in quite a collection of moody looking photos taken of meover the years.When I gave birth to my first child he was so small and perfect,I really wanted a photograph of me with my sonto be captured by a professional photographer. 

That’s when I decided I really had to do something about my teeth, but wasn’t sure if it was possible or if the cost would be too high, I knew that you could have implants put in but despite the crookedness, I had really healthy teeth so I was determined I would only consider treatment that worked for me. 

Orchard Orthodontics was recommended to me and I saw Dr Sadiq for a consultation. I was amazed by the options available, and the payment plans meant that treatment was affordable.  I had no hesitation in going ahead with the treatment, they were so professional and Dr Sadiq made me feel completely at ease about the whole process.Surprisingly, I actually felt excited on the day the braces were fitted! 

It was all plain sailing, though to be very honest, the next few weeks that followed the fitting were difficult for me, I couldn’t imagine ever getting used to wearing braces.  Dr Sadiq promised me sincerely that it was a common feeling and it would get better. He allowed me to contact him whenever I needed reassurance and he was amazing with me, even though I was probably a nightmare patient! 

Dr Sadiq was right. This feeling only lasted a very short while and then I completely forgot I was wearing braces; I didn’t even notice them in the mirror anymore!. 

I loved visiting the practice for my follow up appointments, there is such a lovely atmosphere and all the staff are really friendly, I normally had to take my son with me due to lack of child care but that was no problem to them; they made him feel just as welcome as they did me.  As well as being great at what he does Dr Sadiq is really good fun to chat to too! 

My teeth responded beautifully to the treatment and I was able to have the braces taken off sooner than expected, I couldn’t believe that in less than 1 year my teeth had undergone such a transformation. 

I can’t express enough with words just how happy I am with the result, I smile all the time and can’t resist flashing them at any opportunity, everyone comments on how good they look now and the difference when having a photograph taken is amazing I actually look happy.  

A few weeks after they were taken off,I went to the photographer and finally got the shot of me and my son together I had dreamed of. I will treasure it forever. 

The treatment and support that I received from start to finish was outstanding, my only regret is that I didn’t visit Orchard Orthodontics and have braces sooner!

Testimonial of a lingual patient

testimonial of treatment at Orchard Orthodontics

This is a testimonial of a patient who had a lingual brace at Orchard Orthodontics. We use the lingual incognito brace which is made in Germany using computer simulations to give patient specific brac...

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