Functional braces – correct your overbite

If your front teeth protrude over your bottom teeth, this is known as an overbite. It is a common problem among teenagers whose teeth and jaw are still growing. Functional braces are an effective way to help lessen the prominence of the upper front teeth and can also reduce the need for extractions.


The functional
brace process

At Orchard Orthodontics, we use twin block functional braces. These are custom made appliances which are positioned in the mouth so when you close your mouth your lower jaw is gently encouraged to move or grow forward. Over time, this will help to permanently correct your overbite.

To get the best results from functional braces, it is recommended you wear it for approximately 9 to 12 months. However, every case is different so we’ll advise you how long you’ll need to wear it as part of your treatment plan. The more you wear your functional braces the quicker and more effective the treatment will be, but they can be removed for eating and cleaning.

Functional brace

The benefits
of functional braces

  • Reduced need for extractions
  • Compatible with fixed braces
  • Custom made for greater effectiveness
  • Help with jaw alignment
  • Permanently corrects your overbite

Functional braces

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