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Hidden lingual braces – straighten your teeth from the inside

Lingual braces are well suited for people who don’t want others to know they’re wearing braces. At Orchard Orthodontics we use the Incognito lingual fixed appliance system. These braces are fitted on the inside surface of your teeth so only you’ll know you’re wearing them. They still move your teeth into the desired position but are less visible than traditional metal braces.

  • Lingual braces
  • Lingual braces

The hidden lingual process

Lingual braces are fitted on the inner (tongue) side of your teeth, meaning they are almost completely obscured from view. If, at your free orthodontist consultation, we believe lingual braces are the orthodontic appliance you’ll most benefit from, the first step in the treatment process is to take an impression of your teeth. This is sent to Germany, where using the latest computer technology and laboratory techniques, a set up is made of your postulated tooth movements.

A lingual brace is then fabricated in gold which prevents a metallic taste in your mouth. This brace is made specifically to your needs to ensure the best fit and mechanics. Robots are even used to fabricate the wires to ensure a fantastic finish! 

The benefits of hidden lingual braces

  • Just as effective as traditional metal braces
  • Fitted to each tooth individually
  • Almost completely obscured from view
  • Specific to your orthodontic needs
  • Custom made to your teeth

Testimonial of a lingual patient

testimonial of treatment at Orchard Orthodontics

This is a testimonial of a patient who had a lingual brace at Orchard Orthodontics. We use the lingual incognito brace which is made in Germany using computer simulations to give patient specific brace...

Testimonial of Incognito braces

testimonial of a patient who had lingual braces at orchard orthodontics.

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