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ICE ceramic – straighten teeth with these discreet fixed braces

Orthodontic treatments that are discreet, yet effective are growing in popularity. The ICE Ceramic braces we offer here at Orchard Orthodontics are similar to the traditional metal braces often associated with orthodontic treatment but use clear brackets and bands which make them less visible. This enables our patients to have the treatment they desire without compromising on their appearance.

  • ICE ceramic
  • Ice ceramic
  • Ice ceramic

The ICE ceramic process

ICE ceramic fixed braces are composed of small, tooth-coloured brackets made of porcelain which are bonded to the teeth. A thin wire is then adhered to the brackets and the two components work together to straighten your teeth.

The initial wire can also be made of tooth coloured material, further enhancing aesthetics.

The benefits of ICE ceramic

  • A discreet treatment option
  • A fixed brace on the lip side of the teeth that’s relatively inconspicuous
  • An effective alternative to traditional fixed braces
  • A choice of clear or ceramic brackets
  • An orthodontic appliance that’s aesthetically pleasing

Before and afters


Treatment: ICE fixed brace

Testimonial: “Thank you and all your team for making my orthodontic treatment an easy process. Everyone has been so kind and helpful and I am absolutely ecstatic with the results! Thank you for giving me a smile to be proud of and can finally show off.”

Crowding before and after

Crowding before and after

Crowding before and after

Crowding before and after

Testimonial of a ICE ceramic braces patient

Ceramic braces testimonial

testimonial of a patient treated at orchard orthodontics with ICE ceramic fixed braces

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