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Damon braces – a fast and effective treatment option

Damon braces utilise developments in technology to help straighten your teeth quickly, effectively and relatively pain-free. Although they have the look of traditional metal braces, Damon braces use a system of self-ligating brackets which reduce the friction and allow the wire to move more freely.

Damon braces are also available in a clear option. Known as Damon Clear, these blend in with the colour of your teeth, making them virtually invisible to anyone looking.

At Orchard Orthodontics we use the American Damon system.

  • Damon Clear braces
  • Damon braces

The Damon process

Damon braces are made up of brackets which are fitted to the surface of your teeth, much like traditional braces, but these ones use self-ligating brackets. This means each individual bracket contains a small gate which works like a sliding door. The arch wire is clipped rather than fixed into position allowing it to move freely and therefore work more quickly. It also reduces the friction within the brace system, which can slow down the movement of teeth. Because the arch wire can move more freely, patients wearing Damon braces can see results six months faster than those wearing conventional braces. 

The benefits of Damon braces

  • Reduced need for removal of teeth
  • Faster treatment compared to conventional brace systems
  • Fewer appointments so less time off work
  • Lighter forces so kinder to tooth issues
  • Less aching during treatment compared to conventional braces 

Before and afters


Treatment: Damon brace

Testimonial: “Amazing results! I had such bad teeth that were overlapping and protruding forwards and in just 12 months Dr Sadiq has made them perfectly straight on a non-extraction basis. I am so happy with the results I would recommend anyone to come here to get the perfect smile which is what I have now. Thank you Kalim!”

Protrusion before and afters

Protrusion before and afters

Protrusion before and afters

Protrusion before and afters

Testimonial of a Damon patient

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