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Invisalign – get results the invisible way


Invisalign is a clear, removable and comfortable way to straighten your teeth and improve your smile. Whether you’re at work or out socialising, no-one will be able to tell you’re receiving orthodontic treatment. That’s because Invisalign works using sets of clear aligners that fit over your upper and lower teeth, working discreetly to move them into position.

The Invisalign process

Invisalign aligners are made after a rough impression is taken of your teeth with a fine material. This is followed by a second impression, which combined, helps to give a very accurate final impression of your teeth and the treatment needed. A ‘study model’ is then made from this impression, along with a number of other models which represent the teeth moving into position.

From these models, a set of aligners is produced, with each one designed to move your teeth by a tiny amount. These sets of aligners are used in sequence to gently move your teeth into their final position.

The benefits of Invisalign

  • Avoid traditional metal braces
  • See the end results on a special video simulation so you know what to expect from your treatment
  • There are no restrictions on what food you can eat as aligners are removed when eating and drinking
  • Correct a range of orthodontic complaints, including crooked, crowded or gapped teeth

Before and afters 


Treatment: Invisalign

Testimonial: My daughters and I were all treated at Orchard Orthodontics. We were always made to feel like valued patients from the receptionist through to Dr Sadiq. Dr Sadiq clearly takes much pride in his work and we always felt in very safe hands. We were all delighted with the results and cannot recommend Dr Sadiq and his team highly enough.

Crowding before and after

Crowding before and after

Crowding before and after

Crowding before and after

testimonial of invisalign braces

a patient who had orthodontic treatment along with her daughters describes her treatment with the invisalign clear aligner system.

iTero Intraoral Scanner

At Orchard Orthodontics, we endeavour to use the latest in orthodontic technology for the benefit of our patients. This includes the use of the iTero Intraoral Scanner. This enables us to scan your teeth and make an assessment of the extent of orthodontic treatment you require, more accurately then ever. The scanner's 3D technology uses sophisticated imaging software so you can see what your teeth will look like during and after treatment.

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