Create space with expanders

Occasionally, we recommend treatments, such as expanders, that precede you or your child’s braces and help create better results. Expanders are used to widen the arch, create more space for the teeth to move, and ensure the upper and lower teeth fit together properly. They are particularly effective for developing teeth and crossbites.

Two great solutions

All our treatments are customised to your unique needs, which is why we offer two expander solutions, both fitted to the back teeth of the upper jaw:

  • Quad Helix Expander: Under compression, the expander will naturally push the upper jaw outwards, causing it to gently expand to match the width of the lower jaw.
  • Rapid Maxillary Expander: Widens the upper jaw by turning the screw in the middle, creating a gap between the top front teeth which is then reduced with fixed braces.

 Two great solutions

Benefits of expanders

  • Doesn’t have any long-term impact on speech or eating
  • Effectively aligns upper and lower jaw without surgery
  • Helps create space for teeth
  • Suitable for children with developing teeth and jaws
  • Prepares teeth for fixed brace treatment

 Benefits of expanders

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